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Jerry York -
I was one of the founding members of the club and joined the board after the second year and then Member at Large and the entertainment director. I was responsible for booking all the music for a couple of years. I then was elected to Vice President and was responsible for our Birthday parties until I was elected President. The club has been a tremendous opportunity to get to meet so many new friends. I love all Trop Rock music and feel blessed to be able to live here in this Trop Rock Mecca called Paradise. I was always kind of a "Closet Buffett Fan" I enjoyed his music but was never involved in the parrot head organization until finding CHPHC 8 years ago. My favorite song is "One Particular Harbor" although I love many of his songs. My first Buffett concert was in Tampa. I was born and brought up in Brewer, Maine (a suburb of Bangor), went to high school and college in Maine. After school, I moved to Mass and worked for H J Heinz Company for 22 years, managing numerous manufacturing plants throughout the US. After my stint with Heinz, I started my own management consulting company and worked all over the country again. I have two sons, one in Maryland and one in Massachusetts and one daughter in Pennsylvania; they are all married and I have 7 grandchildren. I have always loved racing and competition and have raced hydroplane boats, drag racing, motorcycle enduro racing, and motorcycle ice racing. One of my favorite Buffett Quotes is "People who think too much before they act don't act too much."
Teresa Bird - Vice
More information coming soon
Dan Terrill -
Dan Terrill, our secretary, is by far the most attractive member of the board. He joined the club 3 years ago, and took over the position of secretary a year later. He's originally from Connecticut, and when he moved down here four years ago the rate of depression among single women in that state increased four-fold. Like most secretaries, he spends most of his time cavorting with swim suit models and Rock & Roll stars. He hears voices in his head, but doesn't speak their language. His favorite color is plaid, and his favorite shape is flat. His favorite Buffett song is "Jamaica Mistaica", which Jimmy wrote about one of Dan's spring break trips back in college. Dan invented the color yellow and the number π, and in his spare time he enjoys cooking, cat juggling, and writing his own bio for websites.
Jack Best -
I relocated to Punta Gorda in 1999 after retiring from 34 years of working for AT&T in Chicago. My wife Katie and I became Jim Morris fans. He told us we should go to MOTM in Key West. We thought for a minute and said "lets go". We joined the Southwest Florida Parrot head Club and went to MOTM, and the rest is history. We went to Vegas the following year for our first JB concert at the MGM. We are founding members of CHPHC and managed the mini-mart beginning the spring of 2014. Favorite Jimmy song is "Ragtop Day" and have been told I am "GROWING OLDER BUT NOT UP". Looking forward to working with the other board members to maintain the standard that CHPHC members have come to expect. I drink Bud Light in case any of you ever feels the urge to buy me a cold adult beverage.
Greg Vogel - Social
I am a founding Board Member of our great club , being the first Social Director . I was Vice President for a couple of years and took a few years off from the Board , returning as S.D. in 2013. Originally from Indiana, I was an Elementary Teacher for 32 years. I live in Englewood with my Phantastic wife Mitzi and our dog Jack. Together we have five adult children , Mitzi's two girls and my three sons. I've been a Buffett fan since the seventies , seeing him first as a walk-on with Steve Goodman . My favorite Buffett song changes with time, right now it is "Tin Cup for a Chalice" . " I'm just tryin' to get by , being quiet and shy , in a World full of push and shove." is a Buffett quote I have used for years. Stop by and say "Hi " at the next Phlocking!
Meloni Raisner - Charitable Giving
"Would you like to purchase 50/50 tickets this evening? I have 6 for $5.00, 15 for $10.00 and 30 for $20.00. Thank you and Good Luck!" I utter these words every month at the meeting while sporting my themed hat, all with the hopes that you'll so graciously buy. THANK YOU to those that faithfully do. With that being said...How did I get the opportunity to become your Charitable Giving Director? Special thanks goes out to Jerry York for approaching me at The Nav-a-gator during music and a cocktail or two. Deep breath, first I had to be born in New Jersey (yes, I am a Jersey Girl incase you didn't know yet) then marry my husband Charlie in 1982. Have two daughters, who are now 30 and 24, move to Sarasota, Florida in 1988. Hate living in our condo and build a house in North Port in 1993. Actually the parrot head journey starts back in June of 2010 when our friends Donna and Paul Listenberger asked us to join the club. Nah...not for us, meaning my husband and I. Persistant little buggers they were, they asked us a year later and we were ripe for the picking. Bored at home with a new pool and no friends to have fun with we said 'what the heck, let's go and see what it's about'. In July 2011 we went to our first meeting and within 10 minutes we were new members. August came and there was all this talk about a birthday party weekend over Labor Day. What the heck, let's go! We were officially hooked. Did I know anything about Jimmy Buffet, not really except for Cheeseburger in Paradise (remember I'm a Jersey Girl, it's all about Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi) but it really didn't seem to matter. We instantly made friends that weekend that we can proudly call "best friends and family". I can't express to you the gratitude I feel towards the CHPHC for uniting us with such wonderful, fun-loving, caring, appreciative, devoted individuals. We've shared our family's joys and sorrows and have felt their love. If you're not sure if you'll ever be as lucky as we were to make bonding relationships, know that you will, you've got me already..."Thank you and Good Luck!"
Sam Densler - Music
I have been a member of CHPHC for 6 years. I discovered and have been a fan of Jimmy Buffet since high school, in Maryland in the late '70's. I am the owner of Songwriter's Island and co-owner of Beachfront Radio. My wife Gina is also a member of CHPHC and part of Songwriter's Island as well. I was born in New Jersey, went to High School and College in Maryland. I have lived in Florida since 1983. My favorite Buffett Song is Semi-True Story and Inspirational quote (from Buffet has been on email signature since the dawn of email) "If you ever wonder why you ride the carousel, you do it for the stories you can tell" or "Stories We Could Tell".
Wanda Grindstaff - Communication or
I am delighted to be a part of this wonderful club. I joined CHPHC in April, 2015. I had been a fan of Jimmy Buffet for many years and have a passion for music and dancing. It seemed like a great fit for me and has proved to be more than I ever expected. I moved to the area from the Coast of North Carolina in Dec. 2012. I am semi-retired and loving my life here in Florida. The community, the friends and the activities have been just what I was looking for when I left N.C. My favorite Jimmy Buffet quote is "Go fast enough to get there, but slow enough to see". My life has always been in the fast lane and now, I can truly say that "I can see" all the wonderful things this club and lifestyle have to offer.
Non- Voting Board Members
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